In the midst of the highs and lows of marketing in a social media world, it has become hard to choose which of the “latest and greatest” strategies are worth the investment. Think of the latest fad: Threads looked to be the next “it-girl” social media platform, only to see an almost-immediate dramatic drop in user activity. Another example? Influencer marketing. What is it? Is it just another fad? How do you determine if it is worth the time and money investment for your company? Here is Frenzy’s take.

Influencer marketing has been around in some form for quite a while, but what is it beyond the realm of TikTok and Instagram? On its face, this is a marketing strategy that leverages popularity, credibility and influence. Recently, it’s become easy to measure these metrics on social media platforms and other online channels.

Before the average person could become an influencer, however, this strategy was used across multiple platforms over the years. Think testimonials, celebrity endorsements, brand ambassadors and so on. Even knowing what it is and how it has evolved over the years, it can be tough to decide if it is the right strategy for your company. To help you decide for yourself, we’ll offer our perspective on an important question: is influencer marketing a fad?

The short answer: no, influencer marketing is not a fad. Your first clue should be the longevity that the technique has already displayed, albeit in very different ways over the years and through technological shifts, advancements and changes. Influencer marketing has proven that it is a strategic and effective marketing strategy that brands can, and should, use to engage with their target audience.

This being said, it is also important to remember that influencer marketing is not a “one size fits all” approach. Your use of this tactic should be tailored to fit your company’s goals, target audience, and budget, as well as align with your company’s core values and beliefs. 

One of the most important reasons that influencer marketing shouldn’t be dismissed as a fad? The shift in consumer behavior brought on by the mass adoption of social media.

Using influencers, brand ambassadors, and celebrities  to endorse your product on social media creates a sense of credibility, trust and authenticity that consumers appreciate. They are more likely to gravitate towards brands they perceive as being endorsed by “relatable” figures, meaning that well-executed influencer marketing can drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Further up the sales funnel, the use of influencers can enhance brand perception, making it a major player in a marketing lineup. Another perk? it allows your company to expand across many platforms and disseminate your message through multiple channels. Influencer marketing, if done right, can diversify both your brand and your marketing strategy. 

Should you invest in influencer marketing? If you’re looking to reach your customers in an authentic way, the answer may be yes. But proceed with caution and strategy: influencer marketing only works if it influences YOUR target market. What works for big brands may not work for small brands — before diving in head first, take the time to research, identify the right influencers and craft your brand messaging to ensure that you achieve your goals.