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Speakers and Awards

We love putting our clients center-stage, on panels, in front of audiences online or in-person, showcasing their industry expertise. We include awards in our overall PR program because they portray credibility and trust to your prospects and partners. The right awards can also garner national or even global attention.

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Measurement -
PR Health Scores™

We have created an algorithm to tell the PR Health Score™ of a client which we use to drive strategy and measurable growth.

The Share of Voice breaks down how your brand stacks up with your competitors by looking at the volume and quality of your coverage.

Publication Power is based on the Publication’s relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Based on a scale of 0-100 this also predicts how well the publications website ranks online.

MFG’s PR Health Scores™ allow you to stack your brand’s current position against those of your competitors and analyze what your team is doing well, and areas for improvement.

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“We’ve gotten an aggregate readership of over 1 million in just a few months, which has had a major impact on our business.”

–VP Marketing, Billing & Revenue Software Service

"We have achieved more with Media Frenzy than we have in the past decade. Their tenacity and hustle sets them apart from other PR agencies."

–Sharon Harris, Global CMO, Jellyfish

“They’re a growing agency and they have a lot of good ideas that can really do some great things in the market.”

–Director of Marketing, PFSweb, Inc.