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Positioning. Messaging. Branding. And the process to nail them all.

A PR agency that does branding? You bet! It’s easier to get people to listen to you if they know who you are.


Branding is more than a logo. Thanks to our PR roots, we’re about your company’s brand character and your business success. Our formal Brand Vision process finds that character, and stages you for success.

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Positioning and Messaging

We’ll help you figure out where you need to live in the audience’s mind, and then bring that message to life. Our workshop process does more than produce winning ways to market. It helps align all your stakeholders.

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“We’ve gotten an aggregate readership of over 1 million in just a few months, which has had a major impact on our business.”

–VP Marketing, Billing & Revenue Software Service

"We have achieved more with Media Frenzy than we have in the past decade. Their tenacity and hustle sets them apart from other PR agencies."

–Sharon Harris, Global CMO, Jellyfish

“They’re a growing agency and they have a lot of good ideas that can really do some great things in the market.”

–Director of Marketing, PFSweb, Inc.