As a PR and Marketing agency, a new client can come in either door. Sometimes they are well-established in their industry… and that’s the problem. They don’t think they have any news to share. Sometimes they’re a new company—all aglow with that start-up vibe—and now they’re ready to make some noise.

Interestingly, the broad shape of a solution is pretty much the same for each. Unless your company is one of a handful of household names, you simply aren’t in the forefront of anyone’s mind. So let’s look at ways to get you there.

That’s Different!

Sometimes companies forget why they’re in business. The fact is: Every company exists because they have something people want. It’s easy to forget what is special about your company or product when you live with it every day. Sometimes it just takes an outside agency to see your business with fresh eyes.

Stories about your unique product or company differentiator are evergreens. No other company could produce them. The news comes from aligning that differentiator with what’s happening in the market right this moment. If you don’t think you have a differentiator or a unique story to tell, it may be time to bring in those fresh eyes.

Tell Me More… and More

One of the many blessings of the digital age is the way content engines can curate our news and information feeds. The way has already been paved right into the palm of the person you want to talk to. You just need to say something.

The more content you generate—and the more relevant it is to your target market—the likelier and faster it will find its way to them. Just remember: The story is about them and their lives. From their perspective, that is the definition of meaningful content. The more such content you generate, the more they’ll notice.

Oh! Them!

This next one isn’t for every company, which may be why it’s so powerful: Leverage your executives to raise your profile. It doesn’t have to be the CEO. If your head of Operations has a charismatic streak, go with it. Just make sure that the stories being shared align with the company or product positioning.

Putting a face on a story automatically gives it human interest. (Ever heard of Elon Musk?) It’s certainly easier to get people to follow your execs than to follow your company. But the credibility and sense of connection to the one can easily halo into the other.

Yes, That Just Happened

As the old saying goes: If you don’t like the news, make some of your own. Sometimes your brand awareness really does need a kick in the pants.

Staging a significant (as in “important,” not necessarily big) event might be what it takes to generate some buzz. But here, more than ever, it’s important to remember it’s all about your prospects and audience. Make it meaningful for them and you can get their attention. Make it more than a one-off, and you can hold their attention. In combination with some of the other techniques in this article, event marketing can supercharge your company or product awareness.

Expert Expectations

Nothing here is intended to be a trick to get people to notice you. Tricks are bad for brands; Nobody likes to be tricked. (Note: Clever is okay. You’re honoring your market’s intelligence.) But the least tricky of all these tactics is just being really good at what you do.

Whether it’s the big-bang of an event or the drip-drip of content marketing, having a solid foundation of performance that establishes you as expert in your field will ultimately get you noticed. Remember: Leadership is a quality, not a position. And it’s a quality that people notice.

And if you don’t think your brand is getting noticed enough, let’s chat.