Showing you the way

BIAS is well recognized in Atlanta for their adventurous personas and impressive customer outreach activities.

BIAS has since identified themselves as a 'guide' brand, sharing their expertise and working beside you to ensure your success. To revitalize their brand, we developed new messaging, imagery style, and some cool swag that will continue to move them forward as a renowned technology company.


Customer Stories on a National Stage

Creating a strategic “media frenzy” around the growing ETU global brand.

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Breaking Traditional Healthcare Boundaries Through PR


Health-tech startup Patientory, a service used to empower patients as well as providers across the world to access and manage health data safely and securely, turned to Media Frenzy Global to help build brand awareness for the company.

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Expanding Brand Awareness

GenesisCare, a global comprehensive cancer care network with over 300 centers across the United States, was looking to expand their brand awareness in the U.S. against their main competitor.

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Authentic Branding

AV-Tech Authentic Branding

Comprehensive messaging, a new website, email marketing template, social media and blog content.

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